Using Search Terms in Survey Explorer

By Melissa Shipler
Whether you are viewing surveys as they come in or for a specified time, Respondent Comments can tell you more of the story. You may want to see if anyone has commented about a specific item. Did you know you can use the Filter section in Survey Explorer to find those specific comments? Here’s how:

  1. Log into Avid Reports using your Login ID and password.
  2. Click on “Survey Explorer” by either using the CrossLink or going to Reports Menu – Survey Explorer.
    Search Terms - 1
  3. Once in Survey Explorer, scroll to the Filter section. You will see several different options in which to filter your surveys.
    Search Terms - 2
  4. Click on “Search Question” to select the comment area that you wish to search. For example, you can select Liked About Design/Features to search through all the comments made in this field.
  5. Click on “Search Terms” and type the word or phrase you wish to filter by. In this example, we have typed, “home.”
    Search Terms - 3
  6. Click Search. The surveys that have comments that match your search terms to the question you selected will be displayed. Your search term(s) will also be highlighted for easy review.
    Search Terms - 4
  7. Use this feature to dig deeper into your surveys and understand more about the experience your homebuyers received.