What Are You Asking Your Customers?

By Melissa Shipler
When was the last time you reviewed your current survey template(s) to ensure you are asking all of the industry questions available to you? Did you know that your current template is posted in Avid Reports? Use the Latest Reports and Documents panel to view your survey(s). Here’s how:

  1. Log into Avid Reports
  2. On the Dashboard, scroll down the page until you reach the Latest Reports & Documents
  3. Within this panel, select the Survey Proof(s) tab.
    Survey Templates
  4. The survey templates for each of your survey programs will be shown. (You will also see the Survey Awareness Document posted here to help you inform customers of your surveys.) You can click on the link or the PDF icon to view the survey template for that program.
  5. Contact your Client Success Manager if there are any changes you wish to make to your survey(s).