Welcome to the Newest Avid Ratings’ Customers of 2021

Published April 21, 2021
Last updated July 8, 2022

We’d like to extend a gracious welcome to our newest housing professionals. We look forward to serving your survey and customer experience management needs!

Silverthorne Homebuilders

Location: Hampshire, IL. 
Website: https://www.silverthornehomebuilders.com/
Joined Avid: January 2021
Why they chose Avid: Silverthorne chose Avid as their survey provider and customer experience management platform because of our unique marketing capabilities and survey customization abilities.

Landmark Homes

Location: Windsor, CO
Website: mylandmarkhomes.net
Joined Avid: February 2021
Why they chose Avid: Landmark Homes feels Avid is the most forward-thinking of homebuilding customer experience management options, choosing us for our extensive platform capabilities, Zillow partnership, and potential for integration with their preferred CRM.

Coventry Homes

Location: Edmonton, AB
Website: https://www.coventry-homes.com/
Joined Avid: February 2021
Why they chose Avid: Coventry Homes came to Avid looking for a more robust platform and more usable reporting tools. Our strong benchmarking data and capabilities, along with Salesforce integration we’re also primary factors for choosing Avid.

Cachet Homes

Location: Concord, Ontario, Canada
Website: http://www.cachethomes.com/
Joined Avid: February 2021
Why they chose Avid: Cachet’s Marketing Manager had worked at a previous company using our older CX program. The additional power of our newer, award-winning platform, AvidCX, was the icing on top of the benefits they already saw with Avid and helped to get management on board.

Arbor Construction

Location: Charlotte, NC 
Website: https://arborc.com/
Joined Avid: March 2021
Why they chose Avid: Arbor Construction joined Avid because of our integration with MarkSystems, as well as our customer surveys designed to collect customer data specific to their remodeling business and the remodeling industry.

Tresidio Homes

Location: Meridian, ID 
Website: https://www.tresidio.com/
Joined Avid: March 2021
Why they chose Avid: Tresidio came to Avid from another customer experience management platform. After hearing about us through a fellow builder that uses our services and was very happy with the results, they decided to make the switch.

Waterford Homes

Location: Norcross, GA
Website: waterfordhomes.com
Joined Avid: March 2021
Why they chose Avid: Waterford Homes liked our Zillow program and joined Avid because they wanted a full-service platform that could take care of their customer experience management needs.